We stock second-hand sheet music and scores of every type and books on all music related subjects. You will find many out of print and unusual items on our shelves as well as a good collection of more standard repertoire.

Da Capo is the only dedicated second-hand music bookshop in Australia!

The stock

The sheet music sections are divided into Instrumental, Piano, Pipe Organ, Classical vocal and Rock Pop. Jazz sheet music can be found within the Vocal, Piano, Guitar and Electronic Organ sections.

Scores are divided into Mini scores, Full Scores, opera vocal scores, choral, musicals and operetta.

We stock books on all areas of music. The main sections are: General & Reference, Music History, Composers, Instruments and Instrumental Technique, Early music, Contemporary and Modern Music, Theory & Education, Ethnomusicology and of course Pop, Rock and Jazz!

Many people are looking to re-acquaint themselves with the warm, authentic sound of vinyl records. We are now building up a collection of classical and classic rock/pop albums so that you can engage with your music as it was originally meant to be heard.

Where and how it works……

Da Capo Music is located on the top floor above sister shop and general second-hand bookshop:  Sappho Books, Café and Wine Bar  in Glebe, Sydney.

Da Capo Music functions the same as most second hand bookshops –  that is as a browsing and self-service second-hand music shop. While  Da Capo it is not usually staffed, we have made every effort to have it very well organised and signed clearly to make your browsing experience easier and more enjoyable.  The best thing is definitely to come and visit us and spend some time leafing through our collection, you never know what you will find!

Music and Music Books Searches: If you are out of town or unable to get into our shop we can do searches for you, however if possible it is best to come in and browse. We always respond to emails twice a week and can happily post out your treasures for you. Please send all search requests via email or post.  For our old customers, we hope you understand that all recent changes have been made to keep Da Capo going. We know there is a demand for a second hand music shop like Da Capo!

Shop Hours. The shop is now open seven days a week  – all the same hours as Sappho Books, so it is easy to come in for a browse!

Clean-up and reorganisation

Da Capo has recently undergone a huge clean-up and reorganisation. It looks fabulous and it is now much easier to find the items you are looking for.

 Sell us your music & records!

We are very keen to buy sheet music and records! If you have music, books or vinyl records that you are interested  in selling you can either send us an email at music@dacapo.com.au or call Sappho Books on (02) 9552 4498 to organise a time to come in and have a buyer take a look. Ask to speak to Meredith.

We are particularly looking to buy modern, playable editions of instrumental sheet music. For more information on how selling your books and music works see   here.