We are keen to buy used sheet music, music books & records.

We buy used sheet music, records and books on all music related subjects.

In line with demand what we are currently looking for is modern playable editions, especially classical instrumental music. 

The main genres of vinyl records we are looking for are classic rock, pop, punk and classical.

How it works

It is easy and quick!  It is  best to phone the shop to find out when we have a buyer (usually Meredith)  in the shop and come in then. Meredith will assess them on the spot and make you an offer. She is usually in the shop between 10.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Thursday. You can also ask about selling your general books to Sappho Books at the same time if you like!

Alternately if these hours don’t suit you, you can bring your music in at any time, leave it and we will phone you back with an offer once we have assessed it.  We prefer to do it on the spot if possible as we are short of space.

Please note we don’t work off lists, so you can save yourself a bit of time here!

We pay cash on the spot or, if you prefer, you can choose to take credit. Credit is always double the cash offer and is valid for one year. The credit is redeemable on second-hand books and music at both Da Capo and Sappho Books.

Buying music from interstate or overseas is not usually possible as we really need to view items for purchase.  Recently however we did buy a couple of large deceased estates interstate where they were happy to ship us the music and we assessed it once we received it. Of course the problem  is the cost  of shipping with buys.